The Forth SPICE Picnic (and 164th SPICE Meeting) in Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia
28 – 29 Aug 2012

The most important reasons for organizing a SPICE Picnic are providing the opportunity and environment for intensive talks between members of the network, for learning about interesting initiatives in entrepreneurship and innovation support, to experience the art, music, culture, and history of the respective country, and of enjoy eating and drinking local specialties. All goals were reached perfectly at the Forth SPICE Picnic in Novi Sad (and Belgrade).
For the professional part: Visiting the business incubators in Belgrade and Novi Sad, meeting with the new Serbian Business Angels Network, as well as the Creative Industries and the Transportation and Logistics Clusters of Vojvodina
For culture, art, music, and history: A special guided tour through the oldest scientific/cultural institution of Serbia, the Matica Srpska (founded in 1826) the live folklore music at the Picnic in Banator, and visits to The fortress and museum of Petrovaradin as well as the Kovilj Monastery.
For the food and drinks: Visits to vineyards in the mountains surrounding Novi Sad as well as the Fish Paprikash prepared, cooked and eaten at the shores of the Danube River in Banator.
For the intensive talks between members and with local professionals the event offered plenty of room and opportunities throughout the program.
Organized and hosted by SPICE Member Hugo van Veghel the Forth SPICE Picnic was a great success – professionally as well as personally. Participating member an Stefanic from Osjiek, Croatia extended an invitation for the fifth SPICE Picnic in 2013 in his home town.

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