The 165th SPICE Meeting at the Baltic Dynamics 2012 in Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania
13 – 14 Sep 2012

The SPICE Meting at the Baltic Dynamics 2012 in Vilnius was a “distributed event”. Besides meetings in coffee and lunch breaks as well as in the evenings on part of the meeting took place during the conference reception in the “Old Green House” in Old Town Vilnius near the Cathedral square. Around the table with good food and drinks issues of business incubation development could be discussed intensively. Members participating were Alar Tamkivi (representing Raivo Tamkivi), Ints Viksna, Janis Stabulnieks, Karl-Heinz Jach, Klaus Plate, Pranas Milius, Larisa Brovarska, and Heinz Fiedler.
After the conference closing session the second part of the meeting – now with the invited guests Tomas Cernevicius and Jurgita Sarkiene - consisted of watching the SPICE Anniversary video again that had been presented at the Baltic Dynamics 2011 in Tallinn – and the “director’s cut” of the new “SPICE Tallinn Video” showing the anniversary events in Estonia’s Capital. This was the first time an unfinished version of an art ball video was shown. Comments from members will be considered in the process of finalization of this video. The earlier SPICE Art Ball videos are now available on Youtube – easy to find by searching “SPICE Art Ball”.
Finally a possible new initiative within the SPICE Group network was discussed: the starting of a “SPICE Creative Industries Incubation Network". This idea found a generally positive resonance with a few remarks to be taken into account. We will continue to report on this matter.

Host: Kaunas Technology Park
Contact: Pranas Milius send mail