163rd SPICE Meeting - Barbecue at Almedalensveckan in Visby, Gotland

Visby, Sweden
7 Jul 2012

At "Alemedalensveckan" (see SPICE Update 102) Innovationsbron held a workshop in the courtyard on a mediaeval house: “Cracking the Code of Innovation Hotspots”. Based on the introductory statement of Bjoern Hermann Startup Genome Project, San Francisco, Heinz Fiedler (President of SPICE Group), and Carl Jeding (Head of the Beijing Office and Science Counselor at the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis) a lively discussion involved many of the participants. Main topics of that discussion were the tools available for creating innovation hotspots, experiences made with starting and developing innovation and entrepreneurship related initiatives, the possibilities to involve all groups of society, and what Sweden should do for securing its role in world economy
Almedalensveckan was the perfect environment for an additional “workshop”: The invitation to a barbecue evening hosted by Mikael Hult, SiSP, Swedish Association of Science Parks and Incubators. The CEO of this Association, Magnus Lundin, and staff were attending this barbecue as well as invited guests from innovation support organizations and political administration. The SPICE secretariat was prepresented by Larisa Brovarksa and Heinz Fiedler.
The meeting offered a great opportunity for talking about experiences and plans for developing the national innovations system and entrepreneurship support as well as ways to strengthen international collaboration and tools to help client firms to access markets.
Contact: Anders Nilsson, Innovationsbron, anders.nilsson@innovationsbron.se
Contact: Mikael Hult, SiSP, email: Mikael.hult@sisp.se