infoDev Business Incubation Management Training

Istanbul, Turkey
20 – 26 Feb 2012

infoDev held a week-long "Business Incubation Management Training" in Istanbul with the first three days for a "training of trainers" that resulted in certification of 26 trainers for the MENA and ECA regions as well as for Latin America. The remaining days were to train some 30 business incubation managers and stakeholders from many countries. The event is counted as the 161st SPICE Meeting although no time and place could be found during the busy schedule for bringing all 12 participating trainers SPICE Group members (Yousef Abu-Hmeidan, Mohammed Allam, Rositsa Djambazova, Heinz Fiedler, Reham Gharbiyeh, Steve Giddings, Omar Hasan, Laith Kassis, Rima Shaban, Omer Oz, Julian Webb, and Cesar Yammal)from ten countries (Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Germany, Jordan, Palestine, South Africa, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates) together at once.

Host: infoDev
Contact: Heidi Humala send mail