157th SPICE Meeting - the 20th SPICE Group Anniversary

Tallinn, Estonia
4 – 6 Sep 2011

20 years of global cooperation in an informal network, with members in 40+ countries, working with a non-registered organization is something unusual. And so was the celebration. The Baltic Dynamics conference was not selected incidentally. SPICE Group has a long history of cooperation with the Baltic States and the members from that region are part of the “founding fathers group”. Therefore it came as a “natural choice” to hold the anniversary event at this conference – although the twenty years were not yet completed. But the missing weeks to the twentieth return of the founding date (November 19, 1991) did not affect the fun.
23 Members of the SPICE Group network from 19 countries attended the event (in alphabetical order): Rosendo Alvarez (Dominican Republic), Larisa Brovarska (Poland), Rositsa Djambatsova (Bulgaria), Rolf Friedrichsdorf (Germany), Steve Giddings (South Africa), Peter Harman (United Kingdom), Mervi Käki (Finland), Karl-Heinz Klinger (Germany),.David Monkman (USA, represented by Carol Lauffer), John Mercer (Saudi Arabia), Gerhard Raetz (Germany), Rein Ruubel (Estonia), Francisco Soares (Portugal), Mary Spaeth (Sweden), Hugo van Veghel (Serbia), and Ints Viksna (Lativa).
Additionally seven of the founding members of SPICE Group attended: Barbara Harley (USA) Raivo Tamkivi (Estonia), Pranas Milius (Lithuania), Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia), Ioan Piturescu (Romania), Krzysztof Zasiadly (Poland), and Heinz Fiedler (Germany).
At the ”Baltic Dynamics” conference opening session the SPICE Anniversary video, prepared especially for this event, introduced to the celebrations. That concluded at the reception with releasing SPICE Anniversary balloon out of the SPICE Art Ball.
More information is available in SPICE Update No 98: photos in the “Photo Chronicle” section of this website.

Host: Tehnopol
Contact: Alar Tamkivi send mail