145th SPICE Meeting at the "Business Extreme" in Petrozavodsk, Russia

Petrozavodsk, Russia
9 Jul 2009 – 0

Only two days after the 144th SPICE Meeting, but a few hundred kilometers north of St. Petersburg the 145th meeting was held in Petrozavodsk, the Karelian Capital . The Second "Business Extreme" conference of the Russian National Business Incubation Association brought SPICE Group members to this city and the breathtaking nature and history around, especially World Heritage Kizhi Island.
Not only is the place for the "Business Extreme" conference off the paths of the masses. Also the program offers unusual impressions - and experiences. To begin with: the start of the conference is a ride on the rapids. Setting the scene continues with accommodation that is "off road" - and back to the roots right next to Lake Onega that could be experienced by a tour on the historical ship "Anastasia" that travelled the Northern Seas and now found its place in Karelia on invitation of Maksim Masurovsky, Chairman of the Government Committee for Youth Activities of the Republic of Karelia, and owner of the "Anastasia"
The conference offered plenary sessions on topics related with innovation and entrepreneurship Barbara Harley, Vice President of SPICE Group presented her experience from Silicon valley and views how entrepreneurship could help overcome the financial crisis. Heinz Fiedler, President of SPICE Group and Co-Chairman of the conference gave a welcome speech and referred to the long lasting relations on the basis of the SPICE network.
Workshops of the conference were dealing with topics important for the Karelian region, for example, the forest and timber industry, "Active and Extreme Tourism as a Form of Business" or "Youth. Innovations. Entrepreneurship". Also more general topics were discussed in seminars and trainings, like "Practice in Small Innovative Business Development", and "Microfinance and Regional Development"
Another highlight of the event was the presentation of the SPICE Art Ball. With respect to weather conditions or more because of the physical conditions of the building (doors and windows not wide enough) this time the ball was not "rolled out", but presented at the conference in the Academy of Sciences. The ball found much attention and also served as background for souvenir photos taken by conference participants - in groups or individually.

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