144th SPICE Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia
7 Jul 2009 – 0

The 144th SPICE Meeting in St. Petersburg was more a meeting "on tour". SPICE Group members met in St. Petersburg on their way to Petrozavodsk, Karelia for the "Business Extreme" conference and the meeting was held on a boat travelling the rivers Neva and Fontanka through the historical the city. Three "first day" members of SPICE Group participated: Barbara Harley, USA, Slava Khodko, Russia, and Heinz Fiedler, Germany. Therefore, not only ongoing and planned activities of SPICE Group and related associations and networks were discussed, but also some "historical" activities. The SPICE Art Ball accompanied the meeting on the boat passing many of the famous sights of the city like the Summer Palace (Hermitage), Peter & Paul, or the Marijinski Theatre and the Yusupov Palace. Of course, typical delicacies of Russia could not be missing on this tour: caviar, vodka, and Russian champagne prepared with the the mandatory expertise by Larisa Brovarska and Olga Milchenko.