143rd SPICE Meeting at the 20th PBICA conference in Gdynia, Poland

Gdynia, Poland
14 May 2009 – 0

The 143rd SPICE Meeting was held in Gdynia, Poland at the 20th Annual Conference of the Polish Business and Innovation Center Association with more than 200 participants held in Gdynia at the Baltic Sea coast in Northern Poland gave reason for arranging a SPICE Meeting and an presentations of the SPICE Art Ball.
SPICE Group and the Polish Associations are linked form very early days through a personal contact between Krzysztof Zasiadly, founding member of SPICE Group as well as founding President of PBICA and Heinz Fiedler, at that time, twenty years ago, Executive Board member of the German incubator association.
The President of PBICA, Krzysztof Matusiak, reminded on the common history with a summary of the association's development - that during the past twenty years resulted in more than 230 association members today. From "Rydzyna to Gdynia" was the headline of his opening presentation - the places of the first and the actual conference. From a beautiful small castle in the countryside (but no entrepreneurship and innovation around) to a thriving technology park could be another description. More than 4,300 participants attended the PBICA conferences meanwhile and made use of "inspiration, ideas, and friendship" and Krzysztof Matusiak described what such events have to offer.
After the third annual conference was held 1993 in Blazejewko the Polish Business and Innovation Center Association (PBICA) was founded with headquarters in Poznan where the first business incubator in Poland was working. Further milestones in the development were 1995 creation of Poznan Science and Technology Park; 1998 "Student with idea"-first pre incubation project, and 2000 start of operation of SPICE secretariat in Poznan.
Also the SPICE Art Ball is lined with Poland: The raw SPICE Art Ball was first time assembled in Poznan, Poland. Later, in October 2006 the Art Ball with the first painted triangles was exhibited in Poznan first time (see SPICE Update No 70). Meanwhile three years have passed and triangle by triangle the while spaces gained color. At its third visit to Poland the ball In Gdynia only had space for two more triangles