132nd SPICE Meeting at the ICT Forum in Julio Dolio, Dominican Republic

Julio Dolio, Dominican Republic
24 Nov 2007

The first ICT Forum in Dominican Republic, opened by Diputado Pelegrin Castillo, Member of the Congress of Dominican Republic, focused on how Information and Communication technologies enable business start-up and devel-opment was held November 21-24, 2007. Organized by Innov-E a new business accelerator in Santo Domingo that was opened officially with this event the workshop found much interest in the media. Supported by SPICE Group Rosendo Alvarez III, CEO of Innov-E, organized in combination with a European business meeting this first international workshop on ICT enabled entrepreneurship and environmental technologies with speakers from Dominican Re-public as well as other Latin American countries as well as from Europe and the USA. (more information see SPICE Update No 77)
Speakers from SPICE Group, Barbara Harley (USA), Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia), and Heinz Fiedler (Germany) presented their experiences at the event and contributed to the intensive discussions with representatives of the DR Parliament and government agencies and Larisa Brovarska (Poland) contributed with her organizational experience and skills. A presentation of the SPICE Art Ball on the beaches of Dominican Republic completed the program and offered one more opportunity for discussing the developments within the SPICE Group network.