128th SPICE Meeting at the BALTIC DYNAMICS 2008 in Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia
13 Sep 2007

The 128th SPICE Meeting held in Riga September 13, 2007. The occasion for having this SPICE Meeting was the BALTIC DYMANICS conference and the "Innovation Week" in Riga. The conference attracted 411 participants from 35 countries plus ca. 280 attendees to attend the parallel events (workshops on special topics related with innovation, technology, and technology transfer). The "Innovation Circus" showing technological applications of all kinds was visited almost 10.000 visitors. Another important parallel event was the 16th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations. And finally a presentation of the the SPICE Art Ball was like putting a cherry on the cream cake. 23 countries were prseneted on the art ball with their art triangles. More information about these events is to be found in SPICE Update No. 76.
At the SPICE meeting members discussed activities of the network inclduing project activities, publications, website development in cooperation with other organizations, and preparation of upcming events. The SPICE Meeting was attended by 14 members & guests from 11 countries. Two new network members introcuced to their activities: Omer Oz from Bahrain who presented his incubator (BBIC Bahrain Bussiness Incubator Center) and MENAinc, the network of incubators in Middle East and Northern Africa, and Ivan Stefanic, Croatia, who introduced to his complex program for supporting innovation and start-up businesses in Osijek. The SPICE Dinner for members and invited guests was hosted by Janis Stabulnieks, one of the founding members of the SPICE Group network, and added athe culinary highlight to the meetings in Riga.