127th SPICE Meeting at the NBIA conference in Seattle, USA

Seattle, United States
1 Apr 2007

The 15th Global Summit was held on April 1 - the day before the 21st Annual Internationl NBIA conference began. At the Summit SPICE Group was well represented by SPICE members, Dinah Adkins, Bong Jin Cho, Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Inna Gagauz, Barbara Harley, Peter Harman, and Richard White. There was a discussion of: the various documents from the Hyderabad 14th Global Forum; potential for a web-based information gathering tool; the Charter, and the climate change proposals. There was a strong request that minutes of the Summits be distributed within two weeks with action items and information documents. Dinah Adkins announced that NBIA has created a member listserv exclusively for the Summit and that the materials will be put up on that site for discussion and changes. She asked that this format for discussion be given a chance and be used frequently to improve communications.
After the Summit SPICE Group members and friends met for a SPICE Dinner hosted by Barbara Harley, Vice-President of SPICE Group, in one of the lively Bistors of Seattle.