115th SPICE Meting in Birmingham, UK: The KOBIA-SPICE Leadership Program

Brimingham, United Kingdom
27 – 28 Oct 2005

This year's Korean Business Incubation Leadership Tour brought a group of 46 business incubation professionals to Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Elina Sintonen (Otaniemi Science Park in Helsinki, Finland), Kyösti Jääskeläinen (Fin-ish Science Park Association), Mary Spaeth, ESAD, Linköping Sweden) and Toni Wanklin (UKBI, Birmingham, UK) organized the program with general coordination of SPICE Group. The experienced business incubation practitioners and technology specialists from South Korea under the lead of Bong Jin Cho, KOBIA president, visited three European countries to better understand the different ways of innovation and entrepreneurship support and business incubation programs. The different historical and sociological backgrounds of European countries are basis for the development of different ways for im-plementing programs to help starting and developing new innovation based businesses. At the concluding meeting in Bimringham Heinz Fiedler, SPICE Group President, presented a short overview summarizing the some of the different approaches towards business incubation in Europe. Discussions between visitors and hosts resulted in a number of ideas for future cooperation.