114th SPICE Meeting in Belchatuw, Poland

Belchatuw, Poland
22 – 24 Sep 2005

Regional Development through Innovation and Business Incubation was the title of the 16th Annual conference of PBICA, "Polish Business incubation and Innovation Center Association". Blue skies, warm September sunshine and a comfortable hotel near a lake made the con-ference environment perfect. Under the title 160 participants from five countries discussed experience and perspectives for innovation based entrepreneurship in Central Europe. Based on developing benchmarking systems for evaluating business incubation programs, the need for systematic political (and financial) support for developing incubation activities toward science and technology parks. Special attention was given to international cooperation not only within the European Union, but also regarding the neighboring countries not (yet) member of the EU. A delegation from Ukraine represented a number of regional projects set up for develop-ing and implementing regional innovation strategies.
At this PBICA conference also elections for Board of the association were held: After eight years serving as PBICA president Jacek Gulinski, handed over this function to Krzysztof Matusiak, but Jacek will continue being on the Board as Treasurer. Barbara Bakowska and Grzegorz Gromada were elected Vice-Presidents. Krzysztof Zasiadly now continues servicing PBICA as president of the Revision Commission.
Izabela Stelmaszewska and Larisa Brovarska as usual cared about preparing and organizing the conference. However, as the association secretariat follows the President and moves to Lodz next year this responsibility will be taken by the new team.
SPICE members attending this conference discussed projects and plans although time did not allow for setting up a "formal" meeting of the network members.