113th SPICE Meeting: Network Development in Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia
20 – 21 Sep 2005

The workshop "Networking of Business Incubators - Different Perspectives" in Bratislava, September 20-21, 2005 brought together experienced business incubation professionals and "newcomers", economic development experts and administrators as well as experienced practitioners from abroad. With this event an EU sponsored project was finalized that supported development of business incubators in Slovakia. After the "first round" of business & innovation center development in Slovakia is already long ago now another "wave" of business incubation initiatives began. SPICE Boy Franz Dietrich took care about this EU project over recent months and with his team organized a number of train-ing workshops and international business-to-business events.
The workshop, moderated by Heinz Fiedler who also gave the key note presentation on the "Special Role of Networks for Business Incubators in Transitional Economies" gave room for the new business incubators in Slovakia for presenting their experience and needs for cooperation. This was complemented by international experience presented by experienced practitioners from neighboring countries: Karel Boreck (Czech Republic), Aniko Soltesz (Hungary), and Andriy Tarelin (Ukraine) presented valuable experience from operating their national associations. Other views and perspectives were added by Peter Harman (UK Business Incubation) and Ken Price (SPADE Ireland). All this created a solid foundation for discussing the needs for and potential of a national business incubation network in Slovakia. The result was clear: business incubators in Slo-vakia will set up a network to be developed towards a national association.
Although there was no time for organizing a "formal" gathering, the number of SPICE members present at this event allows counting it as the 113th SPICE Meeting.