119th SPICE Meeting in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia
9 Feb 2006 – 0

The "VI. Innovation Salon in Moscow" presented innovative products and services based on results of research institutions from all over Russia at an exhibition to an audience mainly from the Russian Federation and a number of other CIC countries. Among the exhibitors also were a number of Russian technology parks. Conferences and workshops on technology transfer and commercialization complemented the program and provide opportunities for exchanging views and experience.
Veniamin Kaganov president of the Russian NBIA not only helped organizing the event but also used this opportunity for continuing work on a EU sponsored project aimed at developing recommendations for the future of the Russian innovation and entrepreneurship support system. Some of the German partners in this project, Karl-Heinz Klinger, Technostart GmbH, Irina Nunberger, EXPERPLAN GmbH, Uwe Seidel, VDI-VDE-Innovation Center Berlin, and Heinz Fiedler, SPICE Group President, presented at the conferences of the Innovation, Salon, took part in discussions during the workshops and used the opportunity for completing a survey on business incubators and technology parks in Russia.
The coldest time of this winter in Moscow seemed to be over already but day temperatures of minus 25 degrees Celsius and nights considerably colder still made an impression on the visitors. However Russian hospitality and local specialties - such as Russian mineral water (called Vodka) made the low temperatures easy to stand.