121st SPICE Meeting at the 3rd APEC Business Incubation Forum

Shanghai, China
19 May 2006 – 0

At the 123rd SPICE Meeting members and friends from 12 countries joined over dinner (by Wang Ron's invitation) to discuss experience from international cooperation, and to generate ideas for future activities, projects, and events.
Bong Jin Cho, Korea and Yerik Dukenbayev received their own PUMBAA. This is the personal SPICE Group mascot presented to members who already work in our network for some time, add value to cooperation, and actively initiate and support projects.
An important part of this meeting was taken by continuing the creation of the SPICE Art Ball. The drafts for national triangles developed so far in St. Louis, USA and Vilnius, Lithuania were presented by Heinz Fiedler and Larisa Brovarska as an introduction to the idea and concept of the Art Ball. New triangles were created by most participants. For Kazakhstan with the combined creative strength of Yerik Dukenbayev, Kairat Sugurbekov, and Stefan Schandera, supported by the artistic skills of Aleksey Leontiev who also created a first draft for Russia. Bong Jin Cho sat together with the Korean delegation to further develop the concept of his nation's triangle (already drafted in St. Louis). So did Satoshi Hoshino, CEO, IM Training Institute of Japan Association of New Business Incubation Organizations (JANBO) and Okumura Hirokazu, Director General of AABI Secretariat Japan while Lisa Chiu and Charlemagne Chen were watching the process and generated conceptual ideas for the Art Ball presentation of Taiwan - homework to be done. Mercedes Barcelon, Senior Manager of TBI/UP-Ayala TechnoPark, at the end of the meeting presented her draft for the Philippines.
Chuck Erickson, representing NBIA USA, and Bob Waite, Chairman of Business Innovation & Incubation Australia, decided to take the impressions and artistic concepts home for further elaboration - just as Pascal Ribes, Secretary General of the French-Chinese Innovation Network, France did. Kim Hong, Honorary President of AABI and Zamira Akbagysheva, General Secretary of Union of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers Kyrgyzstan attended the conference, but could not participate in the meeting.