122nd SPICE Meeting at the BATLIC DYNAMICS '06

Vilnius, Lithuania
26 May 2006 – 0

The 122nd SPICE Meeting, at the same time meeting # 3 in the row of SPICE Anniversary meetings was attended by participants from 11 countries. Discus-sion was focused on the "SPICE Anniversary Questions" based on a summary provided by Barbara Harley. Replies received so far already provide important suggestions for future SPICE activities - but further comments are expected from members & friends that did not yet send their answers.
Of course, also the SPICE Art Ball needed attention. More triangles were cre-ated in an intense process of discussion what represents a country best (in the eyes of "the others") and how to transform this into a painting. The result was presented in the hotel lobby and attracted much attention of conference atten-dees as well as other hotel guests. As already at other occasions - for example in St. Louis - presenting the SPICE Art Ball initiates questions and discussions about the background, the aims and achievements of SPICE Group, innovation, technology and business.