125th SPICE Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
7 – 8 Dec 2006

At the Fifth Annual Conference on "Best Practices in Science Based Incubators", organised by Science Alliance, held December 7-8, 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark the 125th SPICE Meeting took place as a dinner.
Firstly established in 2002, international "Best Practices" conference has developed into an important yearly event including the Best Science Based Incubator Award ceremony.
SPICE Group was "represented" on the speakers list at this conference by Barbara Harley, USA, Hong Kim, Korea as well as Klaus Plate and Heinz Fiedler, both from Germany. A SPICE meeting with all members present - including Larisa Brovarska due to the different arrival / departure times and various commitments could not be organized during the conference. However, on Friday, December 8 a SPICE Dinner offered the possibility for exchanging information and views in a smaller circle with Rustam Lalkaka as a guest.