110th SPICE Meeting at the **"Kiev Regional Network Workshop"**

Kiev, Ukraine
9 – 11 Jun 2005

The "Kiev workshop" was the first in a series of infoDev events to be held in the coming months in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and for the Middle East / North Africa region.
Under the title "Regional Innovation and Incubation Capacity Building" this workshop brought together participants from 19 countries in Central Asia / Eastern Europe as well as European Union, South Africa and USA. Setting the scene government representatives from five ECA countries presented their experience with programs supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and business incubation. The following session gave an opportunity to all grantees and other business incubation projects presenting their achievements, experience, and perspectives for future development. The variety of approaches and experiences pro-vided fertile ground for the following workshop sessions.
"Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support in Eastern Europe and Central Asia" provided a detailed overview regarding business incubation projects run by infoDev grantees as well as other organizations. There is remarkable experience available within the region already - an excellent basis not only for further developing these initiatives in the region but also for providing specific experience to "Western" partners.
The following intensive parallel work group sessions focussed on three topics: Monitoring Evaluation and Impact Assessment (MEIA), Managing an Incubation Program - ICT and Outreach, Network Management and Development. All work groups came to concrete results and agreements on further steps to be done together. The basis for a Regional network has been laid - it is up to the participants to build on this foundation.
All this a very "spicy" event - including the fun part with a boat trip on the river Dnjepr, dinners in historical environment and an excursion for vsiting the business incubator in Bilaya Tsekva. Here participants could not only get an impression of successful business incubation in Ukraine, but also enjoy the great and war hosipitality of Nikolay and Nataliya Paal.