109th SPICE Meeting at the **11th Global Summit of GNBI**

Baltimore, United States
15 May 2005

The 19th International NBIA conference welcomed participants from more than 30 countries, celebrated the 20th anniversary of NBIA, and hosted the 11th Global Summit of GNBI. A perfect environment for a SPICE Meeting held right after the Summit closed.
Topics of this meeting were related with the Summit resolutions including a basic agreement on the structure of GNBI, a definition of Aims of the Global Network for Business Incubation (GNBI), Terms of reference and behaviors, the structure and organization of Global Summits, criteria for GNBI Membership, the GNBI Structure and Organization, and GNBI Finances. SPICE Group for the time being will serve as the secretariate of GNBI.
The agreed areas of cooperation are
Information Dissemination: to reach a wider audience for promoting the importance of business incubation. Coordinator: ANPROTEC, Paulo Miranda.
Professional Development: to help develop tools and training for supporting the professional development of business incubation program management. Coordinator: UK Business Incubation, Peter Harman
Business Incubation Research: to identify gaps in information about business incubation activities globally, outcomes of business incubation programs (e.g., such as job creation or tax revenues). Coordinator : AABI, Rustam Lalkaka