111th SPICE Meeting at the **BALTIC DYNAMICS 2005**

Tallinn, Estonia
23 – 24 Aug 2005

Due to arrival times of members the 111th SPICE meeting only could be organized in two parts. The first part took place the day before the BALTIC DYNAMICS 2005. Hosted by Raivo Tamkivi and his colleague Kaupo Pastak (chairman of the technopark Executive Board) SPICE members met in Tallinn’s leading fish restaurant "Möökala" (Swordfish) for a dinner and for discussing three important issues:
GNBI and SPICE Group: Members already were informed earlier that SPICE Group has volunteered to provide basic secretarial services to GNBI, Global Network for Business Incubation. This service is provided to the extent capacities allow, and as long as members of the SPICE network agree with this activity and, GNBI does not have own resources available for this purpose. 27 national associations already are represented within SPICE Group and therefore it appeared logical to support GNBI being a global and informal network of business incubation associations.
Upgrade of the SPICE Group web site: New features were announced for the SPICE and SPICA Directory web sites. The changes are aimed at improving the web sites as tools for marketing know how and experience available from SPICE Group. For this purpose detailed profiles of SPICE members.
"Formal" SPICE: SPICE Group will remain informal as it has been all time. However, experience shows that establishment of a formal structure of SPICE Group is needed for carrying out project activities. Therefore now the establishment of a formal sub-structure is under consideration and preparation. The basic consideration is minimize legal and financial requirements for this structure and therefore the legal form of a "registered association" might be found appropriate (other legal forms also are considered). This legal entity will be based on the requirements of the "aims & organization" document and remain open for members to join now or at a later stage.
Thank to Raivo's and Kaupo's generous invitation SPICE Girl Barbara Harley and together with SPICE Boy Tom Shea and his wife Cecile as well as Heinz Fiedler and Larisa Brovarska enjoyed great food and wine right in the center of Old Town Tallinn followed by a nice night walk through the lively streets with medieval buildings.
In the morning of the following days the SPICE meeting was continued with Luis Sanz in the conference hotel SAS Radisson. Other SPICE members attending the conference (Mary Spaeth, Pranas Milius and Janis Stabulnieks) arrived later that day and were informed about the outcome of the SPICE meeting by the members who attended the meetings.