112th SPICE Meeting at the **3rd APEC Incubator Forum**

Daegu, South Korea
27 Aug 2005

As part of the field trip organized for participants of the 3rd APEC Incubator Forum in Daegu, Korea were invited for a tradi-tional Korean dinner. SPICE group took advantage of this opportunity to sit the Asian way around the dinner table and shortly talk about internal matters of the network. Hosted by Bong Jin Cho, Korea, members and from eleven countries attended this meeting chaired by Heinz Fiedler, Germany: Julian Webb, Australia, RMP Jawahar, India, Richard White, New Zealand, and Dinah Adkins, USA. Guests from China, Wang Rong; Philippines, Mercedes Barcelon; Malaysia, Annular Safar, and Thailand, completed this meeting which - regarding the official part - probably was the shortest in history of our network . The topics were the same as summarized under the 111th meeting and therefore are not repeated here. However, the place of the meeting is worth mentioning. The restaurant provided delicious meat grilled on a hot stove right in the middle of the table), fish soup and vegetables prepared on a hot stove right in the middle of the tables. The architecture and the friendly atmosphere of restaurant itself, just as the beautiful landscape around made participants feel truly in Korea and with stay in their memories as a good example for the outstanding Korean hospitality.