106th SPICE Meeting at the **BALTIC DYNMICS 2004**

Riga, Latvia
9 – 12 Sep 2004

The BALTIC DYNMICS conferences are ranking on the top of the business incubation conferences for quite a long time. Rotating between the Capitals of the Baltic States this year Riga hosted the event with 460 participants from 35 countries. With these numbers the event is in the top league of business incubation conferences. But not only numbers count. The content of the conference program combined with a number of specialized workshops and meetings and the extraordinary hospitality and the creativity of the team working Janis Stabulnieks to make this conference the success it was: Agnese Janova, chief of the secretariat, Ruta Guste, responsible for conference organization, social events, financial issues, and Ints Viksna, handling the technical supply, preparation of CD, and had the inspiration to please conference attendees with the firework.
This SPICE Meeting elected the new Board of Directors of SPICE Group: Heinz Fiedler, Germany (President), Barbara Harley, USA (Vice President), Krzysztof Zasiadly, Poland (Vice president), Janis Stabulnieks, Latvia (Regional Director), Slava Khodko, Russia (Regional Director), and Julian Webb, Australia (Regional Director).