108th SPICE Meeting at the **10th Global Summit**

New Delhi, India
20 Oct 2004

The 108th SPICE meeting was held right after the 10th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations and can be described as a purely informal event to relax from the de-manding sessions of six days of the infoDev Global Forum on Business Incubation / 10th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations. After these vewry successful events the SPICE Meeting provided a perfect environment for exchanging personal impressions from these days full of presentations, roundtables, and workshops. Right after the International Summit SPICE Group members and invited guests enjoyed the warm evening air in the gardens of the Taj Palace hotel with drinks and snacks at the reception given by Heinz Fiedler as (the old and new) SPICE Group President. There was enough to talk about to summarize and evaluate the discussions and agreements of the days before, plan to make how to implement the agreements and to further develop cooperation between business incubators on all continents. For visual impressions, please have a look at the photo chronicle on the SPICE Group web site