103rd SPICE Group Meeting at the **UBICA Conference**

Kiev, Ukraine
23 – 25 Apr 2004

The Ukrainian Business Incubation Association, held the 5th International UBICA Conference in Kiev April 21 - 23, 2004. Traditionally SPICE Group supports this annual conference , this year attended by association representa-tives from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland and Ukraine. For the 103rd SPICE meeting, held April 23, 2004 with 14 participants also delegates from Germany could be welcomed. Hosted by the President of UBICA, Natalya Kozhevina, and the Executive Director, Nikolay Paal and chaired by SPICE Group Vice-President Krzysztof Zasiadly, this meeting concentrated on the development of infoDev projects in both countries and perspectives for similar activities in Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan. As there now are 43 business incubators in Kazakhstan and 56 in Ukraine the co-operation network in Central Asia can be considered developing. Kairat Sugurbekov and Stefan Schandera, both from SodBI in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, proposed to develop a network of Training Centers in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. This concept was Intensively discussed and agreed. Especially the participants from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine stressed the need for research on legal regulations regarding SME and Busi-ness Incubators to help CIS countries to adapt faster to market economy. SPICE Group is expected to play and impor-tant role in the international projects.