66th SPICE Meeting 98th ICECE Work Group event

Berlin, Germany
27 – 30 Sep 2003

The Anniversary Annual Conference of ADT, Association of German Business Incubation and Technology Centers, "20 Years of Business Incubators in Germany" and the infoDev Advisory Workshop were a combination of events bringing together some 250 business incubation experts from 37 countries. This ADT Conference, summarized the experience of German business incubators and compared it with experience from other countries (Brazil, Korea, USA, Europe). Thereby the conference offered much information, insight and contacts complementing the experience of the infoDev Workshop participants.

The infoDev Advisory Workshop Berlin with 72 attendees from 31 countries was based on financial support from infoDev and organized by SPICE Group in cooperation with ADT. The aims of the workshop were (1) informing participants about the business incubation related activities and programs of infoDev (World Bank), (2) exchanging in-formation and experience in the field of business incubation between participants as well as with participants of the ADT conference and (3) building up and strengthening the network of cooperation between business incubation ex-perts world-wide.

Reflecting the aims, the workshop program besides the "usual" sessions with presentations and moderated discussions offered many opportunities for the participants to informally make new contacts and develop existing cooperation. To illustrate: the workshop began Saturday afternoon with an informal meeting and registration session used by partici-pants to learn to know each other and to receive information about the program, background and aims of the work-shop. Directly from this meeting transportation by boat was organized to the opening reception providing a special surprise: the first concert of IZLARAH - first time SPICE Group members & guests could enjoy a performance of IZLARAH, the true SPICE Girls. Usually working in the SPICE Secretariats Isabella Stelmaszewska and Larisa Brovarska presented their unknown talent as singers. With Ralph Paulsen-Bahnsen, a well-known German musician, playing guitar the new group was (almost) complete. The fourth member of the Group, Heinz Fiedler playing the tam-bourine is invisible as usual. Participants could take home an IZLARAH CD, especially produced for this event by "Ziegelei Studios", Ventschau, Germany. Next morning (Sunday) offered a reception in the first German business incu-bator, the BIG - Berlin Center for Innovation and New Enterprises followed by a sightseeing tour by boat. One more opportunity to discuss with old and new friends and partners.

At the 98th SPICE meeting members this time could welcome guests from many countries at the dinner, for example Luis Bermúdes from Brazil, Miro Dzapo, Croatia, Ezzatollah Roustazadeh, Iran, Ruta Guste, Latvia, Walid Bakr, Egypt and Rolf Friedrichsdorf. Germany. Although already member for many years Domnica Cotet, Romania finally received her personal PUMBAA at this meeting - there simply was no earlier occasion. And the new member Zamira Akbagysheva from Kyrgyzstan also was welcomed by her PUMBAA.