67th SPICE Meeting 99th ICECE Work Group event

Kalisz, Poland
10 – 12 Oct 2003

The 10th Anniversary of PBICA, Polish Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers was cele-brated with this 14th Annual Conference in Poland. Jacek Gulinski, PBICA President and Krzysztof Zasiadly, PBICA Vice President, summarized the business incubation experience developed in the country which already became a reference for developments in other countries as far as Central Asia. The role of business incubators in the European Union was the main topic of discussion and naturally international cooperation was an important part. Heinz Fiedler, SPICE Group President, congratulated for the other members of the network and presented some spotlights on coop-eration experience as well as challenges for the future.

Most times the PBICA conferences were held in Poznan, but with this event the event began to travel to other cities. The Business Incubator Kalisz, one of the most successful business incubators of the country hosted the event. The incubator manager Piotr Sadowski and his team made it an effective and enjoyable event - of course the traditional bonfire, trademark of PBICA conferences was not missing and - as a special congratulation from SPICE Group - IZLARAH presented the second concert with a souvenir CD also including photos from 10 years of PBICA history.