65th SPICE Meeting 97th ICECE Work Group event

Estoril, Portugal
1 – 4 Jun 2003

At the IASP World Conference 2003 members of the SPICE network and invited guests met moderated by SPICE Vice President: Krzysztof Zasiadly, to update each other on recent developments and to discuss matters of SPICE Group. Krzysztof Zasiadly presented a brief information about the Richmond Summit, informed about the next World Summit in Kitakyushu, Japan, the ADT Conference in Berlin, No-vember 28-20, 2003—the 20th Anniversary of Business Incubators in Germany, and about development of SPICA Di-rectory Online. He also introduced to the topics already discussed at the SPICE Meetings in Vilnius and Richmond: the proposed changes of the A&O document.

Piero Formica proposed to look for possibilities to engage students, volunteers engaged in SPICE activities to save cost. He also suggested that membership fee could be (partly) "in kind", especially in lower developed countries: for example covering the costs of transportation and costs of SPICE events in this countries. Piero especially appreciated way of development of proposals with participation of SPICE members in last couple of months. It protected SPICE members against conflict of interest. He proposed to develop SPICE pressure group which could meet annually and discuss key issues to push on European Community.

Luis Bermúdez took the opportunity to present shortly the status of the iDISC project and suggested that SPICE members could be experts to iDISC. He informed that 15 projects were selected to be funded under "Activity 2" of iDISC. and probably the tender for one more activity will be announced by InfoDev shortly.

Raivo Tamkivi added comments on Business Incubator definition discussed in Dortmund, November 2002 and stated that "Toolbox"/"Toolkit" could be more effective than benchmarking. Piero Formica shared this opinion.

Andrzej Siemaszko, adviser to Polish Ministry of Science and Informatics, informed about growing interest of gov-ernment in Science and Technology Parks development in Poland offering new opportunities for STP development in Poland: Structural Funds, Offset, Regional Innovation Strategies, Sixth EU Framework Program, etc. He asked for international help in development the STP program.