62nd SPICE Meeting 94th ICECE Work Group event

The Hague, Netherlands
5 – 6 Dec 2002

The international conference discussed best business incubation practices from all over the world and launched an "Award on the Best Science Based Incubator". Insight in the indicators for successes and failures in Science-Based incubators are of main interest for public and private investors. This conference sought to formulate recommenda-tions on the implementation of these indicators in different cultures and economies.The goals of the conference and the Award were (a) educating managers and advisors of science based incubators, (b) international exchange of experiences between incubators and its business partners, (c) developing objective criteria to evaluate Science-Based Incubators, and (d) implementing good practices in different cultures and economies. The work of SPICE Group provided impulses for the conference, namely through the resolution of the "Dortmund Summit" which served as a basis for statements provided by representatives of the European Commission.