59th SPICE Meeting 91st ICECE Work Group event

Mierzecin, Poland
9 – 12 Oct 2002

The Annual Conference of PBICA, Polish Business and Innovation Center Association, was held in the enjoyable environment of a castle hotel. The main issues of the conference were matters of EU integration and how business incubators can support this process. The SPICE Meeting, chaired by Krzysztof Zasiadly, focussed on preparing a "common positions" concerning the results of the "EU Business Incubator Benchmarking Study" and thereby to prepare the 6th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations in Dortmund. The discussion laid a basis for the following meeting in Tartu. As guest speakers Elzbieta Wolman, Deputy Director Strategy Development Department. Ministry .of Economy and Piotr Legut, Director of the Foundation Innovation Center FIRE, presented the statement "New Look at Competitiveness and Innovation in Poland".