58th SPICE Meeting 90th ICECE Work Group event

Kiev, Ukraine
25 – 27 Sep 2002

The Annual conference of UBICA, Ukrainian Business and Innovation Center Association again found greatest interest - nationally as well as from intentional partners. The development of business incubators in Ukraine were discussed and international cooperation potentials elaborated. The Sanatorium Pusha Voditsa offered a perfect environment for this conference - as well as for the SPICE Meeting. Hosted by Natalja Kozhevina, President of UBICA and Nicolay Paal, Executive Director of UBICA, this SPICE meeting opened the discussion on the results of a "EU Business Incubator Benchmarking Study". Results of this discussion were used as a basis for the following SPICE meetings and finally for the 6th International Summit in Dortmund. Another issues was "SPICA Directory Online" as the global directory of business incubators, science parks and their associations. The SPICE Meeting also offered possibilities to members and friends to discuss potential for cooperation . Especially some Ukrainian friends of the network who could not attend meetings for quite some time used the opportunity to "re-vitalize" contacts.Worth to mention as a "milestone" in hospitality was the UBICA conference reception with local specialties in food drinks, songs and dance. Professional singers and dancers encouraged conference participants to join their performances with colorful costumes, and pleasurable games. An event to remember.